The Hat Man

ITC Frame Capture 

What are we looking at? Without even knowing what this might be, it is a rather bizarre image. This is one frame of 29.97 frames that were captured in one second during an ITC Experiment during an investigation at Bobby Mackey’s Country Music World. You can learn more about this investigation in the first volume of A Bizarre Compendium.

Instrumental Transcommunication techniques are used in an attempt to capture proof of spirit communication and the existence of an unknown paranormal reality. One method you may be familiar with is the capture of EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon. The operator uses a recording device to attempt to capture either residual or intelligent responses to their probing questions.

What we have believed we have captured in this experiment is an image of a shadow creature known as a Hat Man. Shadow people are generally considered to be a kind of negative energy entity. Reports vary. The Hat Man however is known as a specifically negative entity that haunts the shit out of someone, until in some cases death has ensued. Rather you believe in The Hat man or not, it is very real to more than a few people.

Generally, Hat Man is experienced initially, while in a sleep state as in the Old Hag syndrome. Those who have  claimed to have been haunted by a Hat Man specifically state that eventually it starts appearing at the corner of their eyes until it appears directly in front of them. The Hat Man also seems to appear in areas with many shadow people encounters. Follow this link to an episode of The First 15 Minutes, where we talk about The Hat Man in more detail.


Can you see it?