The Aokigahara Forest


The Aokigahara forest is a 12sq mile sea of trees that sits at the North Western flank of Mt. Fuji in Japan. The forest actually sits on the lava rock that was formed after Mt Fuji’s last major eruption back in 864 CE. It is the lava rock and its porous nature that acts as a natural sound dampener causing a sense of solitude and silence.

The forest is so dense that many people who attempt a trek through the forest leave tape or bright yarn affixed to the smaller trees along the way. unfortunately, this has become problematic from an environmental perspective. all of the rash that people are leaving behind by marking the trees is creating a pretty serious litter problem throughout the trails in the forest. Even though the forest is supposed to be incredibly haunted and sometimes littered with the dead bodies of those who have suicided in the forest we should give a hoot and not pollute. If you are a lucky enough adventurer to explore the forest, try to respect it as a beautiful protected national forest.

Other than being a tremendous and fascinating national forest full of unique flora, fauna, and insects; The Aokigahara forest is a place where many go and have gone to end their lives. The suicides have a higher frequency during March, the end of the fiscal year in Japan. The Culture is known for its strict adherence to codes of honor, extreme work ethic, and dishonor through a lack of prosperity and social standing.

Suicide is a common thread throughout Japanese culture. There is almost a sense of if you can not be a successful prosperous member of society than you would be better off dead than dishonor yourself. Pretty tough standards, but none the less the local police have left signs outside of the forest discouraging people from taking their lives. The local authorities have also placed suicide prevention contacts and info to get people to think twice about their suicidal intentions.

Unfortunately, this does not work as much as the local authorities would like. Occurrences of suicide in the forest are not being reported by the local media in yet further attempts to prevent suicide. Reports of paranormal and supernatural activity are abundant in the forest. There are many speculations as to why people are drawn to the forest. Some say the forest has been a portal or vortex in between worlds that trap, creates, and produces all kinds of paranormal, supernatural, and negative entities and energy. In any case, we would love to go visit this haunted forest. Please, if you go, remember to not pollute the forest with trash or your dead body.