The Electric Eye Radio Show


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An eye is upon you! So lend me your ear! Hey, are you tired of all the same old shit on TV? How about surfing the endless titles of all of your streaming services? Are you tired of that? Well even if you are not, and you just can’t get enough of that crap, tune in to The Electric Eye Radio Show! There is always a lot going on here. Some shows are interview based, others are a commentary on a variety of topics. Sometimes there might be a guest host involved. One way or the other, you will find something interesting.

The Electric Eye Radio Show’s topics generally revolve around true crime, parapsychology, and occultism. We will also be discussing art, history, science, tech, and a variety of other topics. We are big fans of the horror and sci-fi genres, and we love gaming as well. Being a Mad Robot GDP production, our purpose is to deliver quality. We put a lot of time into everything that we do, so we are able to make sure you are getting the best possible information concerning any of the topics we discuss and present to you

So have fun, enjoy the show!


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