Well, now that you have crossed the empty spaces, here you are. Because you are on this page I know that that you will find something that you desire. The Electric Emporium offers goods and services.  The Emporium is a store where we will create links to lead you to other things we are connected to. You might want to buy a book or you might need to order something delicious from Satan’s Bake Sale. The sky is the limit! Take a look. Take some time. If you do not see what you are looking for, let us know, we might be able to find it, or create it for you. Most of what we sell is created by Mad Robot Graphic Design and Publishing. Even though this is the case, we still sell other retail items as well from some popular brands including Funko and Mezco toys.

What can you find here?


  • Books
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  • Props
  • Occult Tools
  • Ritual Items
  • Paranormal tools
  • Original Art Work
  • Collectibles


  • Graphic Design
  • Astrology
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  • Paranormal Research & Investigation
  • Publishing Services
  • Custom Item Creation
  • Consultation
  • Clergy Services


Garbage Pickers of America was created in response to just how filthy the earth has become. I have grown exceedingly tired of seeing larger areas, in my community and others, that are full of discarded trash, litter, rubbish, and etc etc etc. I have created the Garbage Pickers of America, to provide a front-line defense for neighborhoods and communities all over the world. What do I do? I find problem areas where litter and trash are abundant and I go clean it up. Yes, it is that simple. The idea is for others to get involved as well. Look for us to show up in your neighborhood.If you do not have time to go out outside and pick up some trash, you can help by donating some cash!

Follow the link below and give what you can!




Mad Bot Tshirt

Represent Mad Robot GDP with a Mad Bot Tshirt. 5.00 dollars of every sale will be donated to Garbage Pickers Of America.