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In the spirit of the near rerelease of A Bizarre Compendium Vol 1. I Decided to make one of our first people of interest Charles Manson. Manson has been in the news lately. It appears that he may be close to death. Manson has always declared that he was immortal. No one should be surprised that his body is failing him. Manson is 83 years old and is currently laying prone in the Bakersfield hospital in Bakersfield California. Charles Manson is wrapped up in a pile of blankets and surrounded by a tactical team from the California Department of Corrections.

Manson appears to be the most dangerous senior citizen alive. At least as far as we know. I am sure there are a few people who are rejoicing in the prospect of his imminent demise. On the other hand, I am sure there are a few people who will mourn his passing in their own ways. I feel ambivalent about the whole thing. Manson’s damage has been done. I am sure that he will influence dangerous nut jobs for generations to come. Manson is truly immortal in obvious ways. We should preserve and share this info, we can not bury our heads in the sand and hope that the boogymen will just go away. They don’t, and they won’t. Is 2017 the year that takes out Charles Manson? That remains to be seen. In any case, it does not appear to be looking good for Charlie right now.

Charles Manson was born on 11/12/34, in Cincinnati Ohio. Manson’s teenage mother often abandoned him and is said to have tried to sell him a few times. For a few weeks, after Manson was born, his mother just referred to him as “no name.” The lack of worth that was imposed on him was heavily reinforced by many of the people who were around him. Being a single teenage mother at this period in history was not something you got a TV show for. Many young women in this position were considered whores, and they were treated in such a fashion. Manson being the bastard child of a teenage whore, along with his temperament, did not help his social standing. Manson has spent most of his life in prison. After he was confined to the juvenile hall, in Indianapolis, he has not spent much time out of prison.

It is, of course, laughable to even suggest that Manson’s mom even came close to providing for her unnamed offspring. It is strange thinking of Manson as a scared and hungry little boy. I am sure he probably spent most of his time like this. After a period of time, all of the nonsense starts to make sense. Manson was very young at the time of his first incarceration. Considering that basically everyone is a target in those types of environments, Manson being younger made him an easy target. After being raped and assaulted, Manson started stinging back harder. In order to beat the fear, sometimes you have to become the scariest thing around. Manson spent all of the time leading up to the Manson cult activity and those infamous murders, in and out of jail, and prison, on various charges, for lengthening sentences.

Every time Manson was released from prison he came to the conclusion that more and more of the rural countryside was falling under the ax of progress and a greater dependency on the power grid. Manson started lashing out and helped give birth to the group ATWA, to take an environmental stance. ATWA still operates today and does as much as they can to improve the environment. You can learn more about this and the legend of the Manson family by reading the first edition of A Bizarre Compendium.

It is safe to say that Manson had a very traumatic and abusive start in life. Does this excuse him from his actions? That has been the question. This question is also an answer. If Manson’s childhood is to blame via the influence it had on his life, then the influence he had on the people’s lives he instructed to kill, was the cause of their actions. That would make Manson’s influence a major factor in the deaths of his killers’ victims. In any case, it appears Manson will be dead soon. Rather you like it or not.

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