We all know how bizarre the world is. Every generation says that things have never been as strange as they are now. I think that this means that things are just getting stranger and more bizarre all of the time. What is out of the ordinary is often subjective; although there are many things that are paranormal that people can agree on. I, like many of you who may be reading this, have lived a paranormal life.

If you are lucky, even if it was just for a few seconds, you have experienced at least one “what the fuck moment,” during your life. Many of you are able to quickly rationalize these moments. Sometimes, even if there is not a reasonable explanation. Still, you hold on to your little chunk of real estate, in the world you know and “understand.” For the Atheist, the discovery of an afterlife would be a paranormal experience. The same way that the discovery of the fact that we are organic beings who simply expire and decay into nothingness would be paranormal to the believer.

It is all in your mind man. Rather or not anything that I have said here is true, I am building a collection of nouns that demonstrate the ideas that we really do not know very much about how the world works, how people should behave, and how our perceptions can be challenged, based on experiences that we simply can not explain. This information will grow simply because there is no shortage of high strange.