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Mad Robot Graphic Design & Publishing

A company dedicated to creating original and one of a kind art pieces. You will find that we work with a variety of mediums. One of our main projects is independent publishing. We are publishing our own books and we can help you also.

Mad Robot is on track to create a variety of publishing projects. We are working on original horror, creative non-fiction, reference, and activity books. Of course, everything we design for ourselves will have the Bizarre seal of approval. On top of all of that, there are also our art pieces and prints. We are cranking these out as often as possible. We have quite a few pieces related directly to our first volume of The Bizarre Anthology. You can purchase all of these in a variety of sizes right here on this site. The Electric Emporium

If you do not see any print art that you like, or even if you do. Take a look at our one of a kind props, handmade rune sets, Ouija boards, Vampire Hunting kits, Ritual Tools, and occult items that we create for you, and a lot of other freaks, geeks, and weirdos. We love gaming, the horror genre, and the sci-fi genre. We like to let our influences show, but in a way that honors them. If you are someone who is tired of the norm and you need to find something singular. You are in the right place. Over time this Emporium will fill and empty again and again. If you are looking for someone to create something customized, let us know and we might just take you up on that.


What is Mad Robot all about?

  • Graphic Design
  • Independent Publishing
  • Podcasting
  • Film
  • Unique retail products
  • Running an honest business
  • Original Art Pieces
  • Music
  • Horror
  • Paranormal
  • True Crime
  • Occultism
  • Interactive Media


Shebaz Butt – AKA Beezle B Alhazred

I am Shebaz Butt. My life has been full of out of the ordinary experiences. Having lived a rather colorful life has made me a very eclectic person. For my entire life I have been obsessed with magic and art. I have spent my entire adult life and a good portion of my childhood, studying and practicing occultism and parapsychology.  Most of the subject matter of my books and other projects will be geared towards these topics and true crime. All of these topics, practices, and phenomena resonate deeply with me.

Other than being a rather morbid person who is fascinated with the macabre, I have worked in radio, hospitality, security, insurance, and Graphic Design. I am an author, a researcher, investigator, artist, and general mis-manager of my journey down the spiral. A lot of my philosophy revolves around doing what is best for myself, and in turn, making contributions, changes, and providing assistance wherever, and whenever the opportunity arises, or when I feel like it is the right thing to do. I love dogs, gardening, cooking, working out, and spending as much time outside as I can. I mean it is awfully hard to be in a shitty mood on a beautiful day while doing things that you love. My wife and I enjoy engaging in these activities, and traveling whenever possible.


A Little More….(The Get Your Money’s Worth Remix)

I come from a large family that is not very close. basically, I grew up in a haunted house filled with strangers that did not have my best interests in mind. I spent most of my childhood in a very Bizarre town in Indiana. My father was a merchant and our family business was Oriental Rugs & Antiques. Both of these mediums are ripe with history, magic, and art. Although I have not continued my family business, I do have an appreciation for both Oriental Rugs and Antiques. Our house was always full of strange relics and artifacts. Cases and boxes of books filled the in-between spaces. Usually, bi-monthly the house would empty out as we moved the inventory to the shop.

Our family was the “weird” family in town. My mother and father both were notoriously fierce when it came to raging against the conventional society that existed next to us. My father was a  fundamentalist Islamic, who also practiced various forms of Islamic mysticism. Mehar Din Butt, was born in Lahore, Pakistan on 03/23/32. My mother was born in Boulder, Colorado on 04/26/42. Joan Margerett Light (Light Foot), was both Apache, Cherokee, and a little Irish. My mother practiced occultism and Earth-based spirituality. This Bizarre gumbo of religious and cultural beliefs exposed me to a wide variety of possibility and opportunity to explore.

I am an occultist, so my spiritual, philosophical, and religious beliefs are varied. I am Anti-Christian and specifically avoid the fundamental 4. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Catholicism. I just can’t jive with that. I respect women too much and I insist on taking responsibility for my life. I am polytheistic and a practicing Chaos Magician. I draw from any model that I see fit and abandon the rest. I may not have a literal belief in Gods, Goddesses, and such, but their symbols are something that I can relate too. I know many people, who practice a variety of disciplines and beliefs, and that is fine. Do what is best for you. Take the time to try to understand what that is and that those needs will change over time.

You might consider this to be too much information, but I am simply being transparent. Each of us has a story or song; something in us that is unique. As an individual, I am seeking experience, understanding, and transformation. Like most of us, I have shaped and have been molded by experience. I plan on using this website to share past and present experiences. creating, marketing, and selling unique products and artwork. The website also acts as the vehicle I am using to showcase the bizarre, the disturbing, and the terrific.

As it turns out, just today I visited my hometown. While I was there, I stopped by my old family home. It is abandoned and condemned. I think that it is fitting that the terror lives on. After all of this time, it is still the shunned house. More than a few terrifying, traumatic, violent, tragic, and basically evil events have transpired on that land. After the eventual and complete destruction of the property, I imagine that it will still be a screaming maw in the astral world. Over time through my writing, I will reveal the secrets. In the Bizarre Anthology Volume 1, I tell a true tale of terror concerning 1 of my first “real” paranormal experiences.

Stay Tuned……