A Look Ahead

Our Mysterious Talking Board

A look ahead reveals a few new products and art pieces. One thing we are excited about and you can expect to be available within the near future is the mysterious talking board and our guide to The Ouija and talking boards generally. We have designed the first in what is going to be many versions of the Ouija.


The Mysterious Talking Board; A Guide To Ouija is not only an instruction manual in the use and application of the oracle, but it is also a historical account of The Ouija and its bizarre origins and legends. The board and the manual will be available together and as individual pieces. Both are designed to be used independently of the other.

We are also creating and manufacturing hand created planchettes. These can be used as replacements or as custom pieces to one of our talking boards. Below is a slideshow that illustrates a few phases of the process. We are also creating planchettes that can be used as automatic writing devices as well. As you can see there is a lot to look forward. We will be posting updates on the progress of this project and its availability.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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