Unsane (Red Box Review)

Unsane is really a great movie. Honestly, it left me guessing and unsure in some places. It becomes hard to tell if the main character, (Sawyer Valentini) is actually delusional or not. It is a psychological slow burn, that quickly escalates into a true descent into madness, fear, and paranoia.

Sawyer has had troubles with a stalker and is traumatized by the experience, to say the least. As it turns out Sawyer moves across the country and gets a great new job to try her best to get a new lease on life. After a time her paranoia gets the best of her and she starts having troubles. After her visit to the hospital to speak with a doctor. Sawyer ends up accidentally voluntarily checking herself into the psychiatric ward and she does not take the reality of what she has done very well. Eventually, she starts to see her old stalker popping up from time to time.

Another aspect of the film is the implications of the truth of the American health care system and how the hospital will keep Sawyer locked down and under observation as long as she has insurance to run out. Honestly, the reality of these implications truly adds to the overall horror of the film. Definitely watch this movie. Give it a shot and you will not regret it.

We give (Unsane) 5/5 Stab Wounds


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