Queen Of Swords

Modern Magick 

Part of my usual daily practice includes drawing a Tarot card and thinking about it. In an attempt to have another regular daily post, I am going to do a quick write up about the card and its divinatory meaning. I picked up the practice after studying Donald Michael Kraig’s book, pictured above.

For me reading Tarot and using other divinatory devices are a matter of understanding and then interpreting the symbols and the patterns they create and see if they are either relevant to the current state of the person who I am interpreting the symbols for. It is also interesting to see if these symbols and scenarios also manifest in the future of the recipient. I do not claim to be psychic by any means.

My Favorite Deck

My favored tarot is the Tarot of The Witches. It is hard to say why other than  I just think the cards look cool. I picked up my copy of the deck from a Half Price Bookstore in the Greenbriar area of Indianapolis, IN. I put down 5 bucks to keep on hold and came back 7 days later with the other 8 dollars I needed. I used this copy eventually in various collaging projects and picked up a second deck at The Indy Pagan Pride Festival. In any case…..

My tarot posts moving forward are simply going to focus on just the card of the day and its correspondences. If you like, meditate on the meaning of the card yourself. See if it pops up for you throughout the course of your day. Ask questions, reply with your thoughts. Draw a card for me. Let’s see where this goes.




The Queen of Swords can represent a woman who has lost something or is hurt and angry. You might say that the strongest idea behind it is that “Hell Has Hath No Fury Like A Women Scorned.”  The card usually is representing a female force in particular, but not limited in its capacity to represent a  masculine form as well. The card represents a sharp-witted person who does not mince words or acts in a passive manner. The Queen of Swords also represents loneliness, dogmatic thinking, mourning, separation usually the cause of warlike tendencies.


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