Things that make you go…hmm

This article was written in November ’13. I believe the content is still valid today. This will definitely a topic for discussion on one of the First 15 Minutes episodes.

One crime I think may be repealed in the near future is gambling. There are many new gaming casinos opening. The gaming commission is pretty well organized and legal gaming establishments are licensed and regulated. Most states have some form of legal gambling. The closest probably to being decriminalized is marijuana. Legislation across the country is considering taxation, civil offenses for possession, and legalizing it for adults. Marijuana is still illegal in most of the world but decriminalized. The moral character of a generation changes through time and evolution. Laws need to evolve along with the needs of society. There has been a degeneration of morality in society in my opinion. Individuals with bad moral character are considered to be role models to some people.

The government holds some responsibility for change in public morality with the social and economic legislation that has been enacted over the last fifty years. Litigation is used to resolve a lot of disputes. Prior to no-fault divorce, the parties were required to prove adultery or abandonment. Most divorces in today’s time are no-fault and there is no need to prove adultery. This was a modern cultural change which affected the law and is no longer considered a crime. Countries in South America and Europe allow prostitution with regulation. This activity is still illegal in most of the United States.


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