Red Box Review ( The Strangers: Prey At Night )

This article is full of spoilers – The sequel to the 2008 film promises to be another based on real events. Of course in true “Holywood” fashion this is not the case. The only true event the original film was based on, was an experience by Bryan Bertino the director of the film. The story also sums up the chilling last phrase of the original film. The victims ask the strangers why they are doing this, the answer is a mumbled. “because you were home.”

It appears that one night in Bryan Bertino’s youth, some “strangers” came to his home when he was alone with his sister. The people were asking for someone who did not live there and then left. Bertino found out that there was a group of burlgers, who were robbing the houses they were visiting, if no one was home. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not mad that the story is not really based on true events, its just that the story was certainly a lot scarier thinking that it actually happened. So of course knowing this changes things.

The movie is still pretty good especially if you are a fan of the first. We see what I take as the same psychos from the first film. It is unclear rather or not these events transpired before or after the initial film. We see the same old pick up truck and the absolutely psychotic masks, worn by the stabby psychos, we have already become familiar with. The premise is that an average american family is having trouble with their teenage daughter, who they intend to send off to some summer rehibiltiaion concentration bible camp, to gain some character and accept responsibility for her life.

Of course things take an awful turn when the family arrives at a seasonal trailer park where the girls aunt and uncle seem to run the show. After meeting an unfrotunate demise at the hands of The Strangers, the killers leave behind a note for the family, posing as the recently murderd aunt and uncle, advising the family on what trailer they are to use for their stay. As you can guess the murder ensues rapidly after this. The kids do a lot better than their parents. The film becomes predictable as the strangers slowly get picked off by these angry ass teenagers. The brother is left for dead in the pool, but is saved by his sister, who hides him in a safe place, before she has a pretty serious showdown, with two psychos and an old ass truck that could give Chrsitine a run for her money.

I could not help but feel that the film gave a tip of the hat to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, another film “based on true events.” Check out the ending and you will see what I mean. All in all we give The Strangers: Prey At Night – 3/5 stab wounds, even though there was a lot of stabbing going on.

Next up – Unsane



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