SOS! Please some one help me!

Most crimes involving celebrities are reported in the media very quickly. The popularity of either the victim or the murderer relates to how much attention the case will generate. There are many factors in murder cases that would attract interest from the public. Details like weapons used, whether the murder happened in the commission of a robbery, the number of victims, violence used, motive, and crime scene produce a generous amount of curiosity in people. One way to answer the question of why some murders go unnoticed might be that criminal archetypes like one person killing 20 people, the typical “Stranger Danger” social narrative: an evil male preying on other people’s innocent children. It’s the stereotypical murder, something we can all recognize and fear. (Radford, 2012) The news might report most murders but ones that really invoke fear in people will likely make more headlines.

Between 1976 and 1977, New York City was troubled by the killings of beautiful young women and men. This crime was highly publicized with bold letters mailed to law enforcement by the killer threatening more murders. David Berkowitz identified himself in the letters as the “Son of Sam.” With the city in a panic, women wore disguises to avoid falling victim to the “Son of Sam.” The news reports on this crime spread all over the world. His psychiatric problems and violence make him one of the country’s most notorious serial killers.


Radford, B. (2012, December 26). Psychology. Retrieved October 2013, from Discovery News:’t-make-the-news-121226.htm


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