Red Box Review – Death Wish

Eli Roth’s 2018 remake of Death Wish is a great homage to the original film. Starring Bruce Willis, Vincent D’ Onofrio, and Elizibeht Shue, the cast delivers much as you can expect. Bruce Willis being no stranger to the action genre, performs in usual fashion, as a good man who is a law abiding doctor juggling a successful career and a family life. If you have seen the original. starring Charles Bronson, then you know the premise.

After a burglary goes bad at the home of Dr. Paul Kersey in a Chicago suburb, Dr. Kersey’s wife played by Elizabeth Shue is murdered in cold blood and his daughter is left in a coma. The good Dr. has enough of the lack of progress that the police are having finding his wife’s killers and he takes matters into his own hands in the  form of vigilante justice that rocks the citizens of Chicago as Dr Kersey becomes a local anti hero known as the ” Shadow.”

After taking out several criminals in the area, Kersey eventually tracks down the killers and puts an end to their criminal career with extreme prejudice….

All in all we give this masterful recreation 5/5 Stab wounds

If you are Bruce Willis fan and love action movies check this out for sure.

Look forward to reviews of  –

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The Strangers 2

Coming soon!


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