Netflix Horror (Anguish)


I recently reviewed the movie “Anguish” on Netflix. The is is a great film for those of you who are fans of ghost stories and paranormal phenomenon. The story is about a young girl named Lucy who tragically loses her life in a very sudden, strange, and unexpected way. Of course, this type of death is often associated with either what is known as intelligent or even residual hauntings. For those of you who do not know what an intelligent haunting includes, the haunting is what appears to be direct or real-time interaction with an entity who appears to be able to give you specific responses about their death, their identity, and their intentions. A residual haunting is a recording of an event that replays over and over again. For instance, you will hear someone walking up the stairs at the same time every night. In this case, the spirit of the young girl Lucy who died unexpectedly falls into the intelligent haunting category.

A short time after the death of the girl Lucy another young girl named Tess moves into town. Tess has been diagnosed with a dissociative personality disorder. There have been many speculations that those who are bipolar, schizophrenic, or have multiple personalities are sometimes believed to be mediums who are plagued by spirits who use them as a kind of host to interact with the world of the living. Of course, there are people who simply have these types of psychological illnesses. There may also be people who are mediums, and ultimately the psychosis could be the result or the cause of being plagued by numerous entities clamoring to get back into the world of the living.

Tess happens to find the shrine left at the side of the highway and the spirit of lucy attaches to Tess and follows her home. Tess’s symptoms increase and she quickly loses her tenuous grip on reality as the spirit of Lucy eventually completely posses Tess and takes over her identity. Those who have dissociative personality have a difficult time maintaining their own identity so being a medium who has no idea of the ability that they possess is a very slippery slope. The spirit of Lucy easily posses Tess and sends her on a mission of closure so that Lucy can come to terms with her own death.

We will not go much further with the plot here just give it a watch. Overall the film is shot well and has a very atmospheric quality that is conducive to horror. Other than being a great story the film is exceptionally creative in its take on spirit attachments, mediumship, and the afterlife in general. There are a few great jump scares and other horror elements that make this film unique.

The film also has its origins loosely based on a real event that happened in the late 1800, in a town called Watseka in Illinois. Of course, this happened in a much earlier period than the actual events took place.


Overall we give it 4/5 Stab wounds….Check it out on Netflix


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