The Warlock Movies

Over the last couple of days I have been watching some of my favorite horror movies. 2 of these favorites are Warlock 1 and Warlock 2. In the first installation we have the Warlock, played by Julian Sands, on a quest to bring together the pieces of a grand grimoirre. The book has the power to reveal the true name of god. If this name is spoken backwards it will undo all of creation. Of course the Warlock is thwarted by the legendary witch hunter,  Giles Redfern.

In the second installment we see the Warlock put together a new diabolical plot to unleash Satan upon the world. It is up to a group of Southern California Druids to save the day.

If you love the genre both films are great. Even though the first movie is pretty brutal the second film is an utter blood bath.

We give this series 4 out 5 stab wounds!


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