Now that you are here, stay a while…..

There is quite a lot going on at Mad Robot. Most of our machinations revolve around graphic design, independent publishing, and retail.

We offer services and products. We sell original art and a variety of products, including shirts, books, CBD products, hand made art pieces, and other interesting things. We are motivated by working with eclectic groups of clients, contributors, and people. Over time our projects will grow and develop.

You will see a variety of media projects pop up here. We love podcasting and film. We are true pop culture nerds, freaks, geeks, and weirdos. If you are looking for someone to create unique logos, artwork, cover art for books and albums, or any other graphic design project, we would love to help you satisfy your needs. Check out some of our pieces on our gallery page.

Graphic Design

We are also an ever-growing archive of information concerning the strange and the bizarre. Most of our interests revolve around parapsychology, true crime, and occultism, but that does not limit us to these interests. cropped-madbotfb.png


We are looking to build a community and we are always looking for contributors. If you want a place to share your artwork, post articles, blog, or even advertise your products, podcasts, and events, we would love to have you. Just get in touch with us and we will work it out. 

You can also expect a steady stream of articles, podcast, and reviews concerning, parapsychology, true crime, and occultism. We are investigators, researchers, and people who are interested in going out and experiencing real things with real people. As an individual, I have conducted many paranormal investigations in both known and private locations. We tend to follow up with our research, experiments, and investigations with articles and other media reports. 

We tend to go to as many events that we are able to attend concerning our interests and usually write reviews concerning our experiences. At Mad Robot, we are true cinephiles and pop culture weirdos. You can expect a movie, music, book, or product review to pop up regularly as well.



As we mentioned, we go on the road as often as possible. We have an online store and we also set up a booth at festivals, conventions, and other such gatherings from time to time. Look for us to pop up in your neighborhood. You can also do your Amazon shopping here with us as well. We are Amazon associates and using our links really helps us out. So whenever you can do your Amazon shopping through us, via our shop link at the top of the page.